Felia is a girl who formed from a gemstone, called Lima, and found by Sougo and Kaon in a underwater cave. She is very short and wears a light green umbrae dress with pink wing-like on the back. Her physical feature includes purple umbrae hair and scarlet eyes. Felia has special powers that she can control at will and a partner, Moura, to help keep her powers in check. When Felia uses too much power, she spontaneously grows, as shown in episode 5.

Personality Edit

Felia has a kind and caring personality. She cares about her friends very much. She is a very stubborn person as is seen when she refuses to listen to Moura and continously uses her powers till he places a limiter on her.

Appearance Edit

Felia has the appearance of a young girl (at the start of the series, but in teenage form later on) with scarlet eyes, purple unmbrae hair, pale skin, and wears a green dress.

She was first seen with an adult/teen appearance at the end of episode 5.

Relationship Edit

Sōgo Amagi Edit

Felia is found by Sougo and Kaon in a underwater cave. Sougo is very fond of Felia and is always worried and taking care of her but, not yet confirmed to be love. As shown in Episode 10 Felia is in love with Sougo. When she tries to tell it while they were alone, she was interrupted and when Sougo asks what she was about to say she says the she will say when they return back.

Kaon LanchesterEdit

Felia and kaon have a very special relationship. They care about each other very much. Kaon has, on many occasions, saved Felia from the hands of the miitary. They are very good friends and Kaon does not like to see Felia sad. She is also the first person to become close to Felia after Sougo. Kaon also seems to consider (and treats) Felia like a little girl. She also took care of Felia in the first few episodes.

Moura Edit

Felia's protector/guardian. Her first appearance is on episode 2 in the form of a green worm/caterpillar/snake stone creature and later appeared as a girl with pink hair on episode 11. She transforms into a bipedal robot when Sougo triggered.