Sōgo Amagi is the main protagonist of the series, introduced at the very beginning. This boy, who is said to be 14 , is an ecstatic boy who wants to prove one of his mother's theories about the existence of a certain red gem. He finds it eventually, unaware that a girl's body lies inside the gem. Sōgo can be reckless and forgetful, as seen when he's in a rush to get from place to place, breaking speed limits whenever on the road.===


Sōgo has light brown hair and brown eyes. He wears light orange half-sleeved shirt and olive green pants with two prominent light brown-ish pockets around his waist. He wears a pair of brown boots. He had a eye-wear on top right on his head. He is very cute.


"The Boy and the Vast Land"Edit

Sōgo is introduced mining in a ravine and looking for rare minerals. As he dissappointingly lowers to the ground, the comet "hits" him and he is given a vision. He wakes up and lights up with excitement, due to a rare gem appearing in his hand. He excitedly rides his vehicle back to town and greets people as he passes by. After grabbing some food, the vision comes again and he is launched across town straight into Kaon Lanchester. She manages to get him wrapped up in a dispute over her marrying Roman Valoff. During the chase, they lose control and veer off into a cliff and are knocked unconscious. 

Sōgo wakes up and then Kaon. They build a fire and attempt to find a way out, stumbling upon a single giant gem, the same kind that Sōgo woke up with. Staring upon it, Sōgo is faced with yet another vision and the giant gem proceeds to shatter and deposits a girl into Sōgo's arms. Confused they are greeted by a hostile Bipedal Armor, who attempts to capture them. Out of no where another appears fighting off the enemy. However, neither Sōgo nor Kaon is sure who to trust as they watch on in shock and fear.